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The Seatbelt Crew

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Why Elections Not Every Three Years ?

I am NOT a patriot. I approach anybody reading me and this blog 

I do not eman to debate upon who is right or who is wrong PRESENTLY. Ab ki baar MODI sarkaar ya jaya lalitha ki kursi ya AAP ki jhaadoo is not aim of this blog. I wish to ask a few people or rather everybody a question as to why  a five year long chocolate bar be handed to a collected few. Why not keep the dogs on a leash with a smaller bone and less to chew
What is the need for a five year term for a particular party ? Why cant a coalition government function with one party ruling for 2 years and another for the rest ? Why cant Lokpal bill be passed when it was accepted byt the ” hon’ble ” Primse Minister of India ? What is the need for such a limited expense budget on campaigning in India ON PAPER ? Why can’t luxurious facilities be given to ministers ? Why do they have to deal UNDER the desk for it ? Should they be pampered this much ? Should they be made to accept the Gandian way of life ?

I mean to excite the people over some maybe petty maybe serious issues of day to day life and happening. Sticking to the topic .. why a five year term ? Why do we give a rabid animal too much to chew on ? Should the masses propose a four year or a three years term for the ruling parties ? Should all governing bodies be allotted a five year term ? Or separate elections for separate central bodes i.e. financial, judicial and administrative be conducted ? Anybody reading this is urged or rather compelled to put me down with heavier questions and all the more crisp answers and tongue lashing.

Respond ASAP. Respond the Masses. RESPOND THE MOB

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