What am I here for? Why am I so unique? Why am I not able to open up to the people I like? What is love?

Some of the questions a teenager asks themselves, if not more then at least once every meal. But why do these questions  fade as the years pass whereas the answers are not found yet. Was it up to the hormones to just raise the questions? What or Who was it responsible for answering them?

The answers lie within us. We seek so many answers, in such a small span of time that by the time we try to understand the right path the hormonal surge disappears and so does the drive to seek the answers. Along with the surge disappears the singularly focused conscious of the teenager as they step into the dawn of adulthood, laden with questions from before and responsibilities of now. Within a couple of passing years, some of these ‘resonating bodies’ find complimentary ‘resonating bodies’ to mate with, to share their zeal with and to finally ‘try’ to beat peace with. However, questions that were then not answered leave a tiny fragment of damage within the individual’s conscious, which through trials of time glorifies to become a gaping wound, one that only grows in absence of the so desperately sought answers from before.

At this stage, neither does one be at peace, nor does one have the singularly focused conscious to achieve any of those mentioned above. What is left is a mold of clay, beautiful on the outside, empty on the inside, without  a sliver of hope or ambition to ask the right questions, leave alone finding the right answers.

It is disheartening to see what a single mistake at a yielding time in one’s sphere of life can lead to. It is equally astonishing to see what certain individuals are achieving in their lives, just by having had gone through a carefully structured teenage and a planned adolescence. It is not expected out of everyone to start up a Google or a Facebook but what is expected is to be able to realize that even they can start up their Facebook by being able to stick to one goal at a time, no matter how hard or demeaning or challenging it may be. The right perspective goes a long way as a right deed.





Trying to make the World a better place.

Kunal Roy.