downloadThis is an issue I am sensitive to, though I write in context of women THE reader must know that labels in general is a sensitive issue I stand against and in front of.
Before reading, leave alone thinking on what I write do think THOROUGHLY on the questions I ask henceforth. Mind you, they are not difficult just exploratory –

Are you normal always and to everybody ?
Do you accept that you can not be normal always and to everybody ?

If the answer to the second question is a ‘yes’ then only should you proceed forward

Do you accept a person, situation or an object that is NOT normal according to YOU ?
Do YOU label people ?
Why do you label people ?
When do you NOT label people ?
What happens when people label you ?
Do you find being labelled a part of gathering attention ?

Once you’ve thought upon these read my answers, not for inspiration or ideas or brainstorming. Just read it to know what other people think. Obviously, you may as well label me something. But then again .. I’m not interested ! Cheers.


To be closer to them
Used to get offended mildly
Used to
Almost stopped

Now ! Intellectual portion of it is long ended. If you may so allow me to portray something that is going on very SUBTLY.
People blame people. People label people. Something that has been going on since quite some time and doesn’t see an end any time soon, what psychology terms as ‘latent aggression’.

A person carries a bottle of booze to a friend’s place. He is labelled as a drunkard if he carries a bottle of beer. He carries a bottle of wine and some chocolates he’s just a guy in love.

Delhi has recently seen a rise in the amount of Hookah (Tobacco Fumigatory) lounges in the heart of the capital. Now, a cigarette smoker is not allowed to smoke in public places but a hookah smoker can smoke in a closed room full of people who do not choose to smoke voluntarily but have to sit over there just because of a lack of respect of personal choice. But then again ! why cant a smoker smoke in public violating the privacy of the common folk. Just because a cigarette user is just some ‘smoker’ and a hookah user is a privileged ‘elite’ ? So much for labels.

Is it okay if you eye a girl, a woman or an elderly in a public place yet you protect your own women so dearly as to start a brawl in a bar on so much as a mention of her beauty or body ? Why do you protect those labelled ‘Your Own’ and yet defame everybody else so dutifully ? Do you have to ‘label’ people to protect them ? Can’t you just respect everybody if not protect them ?

‘Your’ women can wear shorts and a tee shirt to be modern. Those not ‘related’ to you are bitches and whores otherwise ? What gives you the right to label ‘Other’ women so cruelly and so shamefully ? If ‘your’ God made your women special they would have a mark to display

I conclude with just a line.
Is it just a woman or a baby maker or a pimp or a body to use or an objectified femininity ?

I would love to call her a woman and NOTHING MORE if I can at the very least respect her through that.

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-Kunal Roy
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