A very common question YOU ask yourself, not others, which requires YOU to be sound about your methods and NOT decisive about the outcomes : ‘How have I reached here ? Have I done it the right way ? Have I made a difference?’

A multitude of such questions and self introspective pieces of thought come to our mind when we have ACHIEVED something. The key to this question lies not in the basket of the Present but in the womb of the Past. The Ghost Of Christmas Past brings out to us our method using which we have attained our goal. What is important here is to not ask ourselves these questions or rather THIS question when we have achieved but while we try to achieve. Rather, I would stick to an arrogant ‘I’ not a humble ‘We’ for it is ‘The Chat Point’ not Napoleon’s Attic. What I achieve is equally important to me as How I achieve. I do not wish to batter an eye lid over the fact whether it troubles or pains me today but the sole motive to the fact is that I should be contented about it in the near future. It should not serve as a shard of guilt If not as a memoir of pride.

It strikes everybody once if not more : How to decide if I am doing the right thing ? Will change my life for better or for worse ?
Very simple ways to it would be :-



    Drawing reference from my present day ‘society’ and experience, we Asians tend to think more and do less. I would here like to stick to know and keep myself ‘For those who do’ It is personally very tough for me to think over something for a day if the task is worth an hour’s effort. Following a very popular quote of The U.S. Marine : ‘Go right go left it doesn’t matter. Just make a decision’. DO. It’s your life. Don’t stop for too long, you’ll rust. To rest is to rust is not a saying, it’s a school of thought. It’s your life. Both the good and bad outcomes are progeny of your own decisions. Don’t complain about the outcomes, complain about the fact that you made a wrong decision and NEVER commit that same mistake again. Remember, ITS TOO SHORT TO REGRET


    NOT drawing influence from my ‘society’ but from my experience and adding a bender to it ‘Pussies listen. Men work’. If you are determined and have the capability to work hard enough to achieve it you will achieve it even if you go astray couple of amillion times. Sure some genius will have done it before you but he will just be the genius who did it not the ‘MAN’ who tried ot. If you want a pat on the back from a few greybeards go with the word of mouth and of the wise and follow a TYPICAL path to a maybe non-typical destination. Generate the capacity to think and have the courage to stand by your word and thought. That is what makes you a ‘MAN’, not tail-wagging behind your woman like a good butler. Hear everything but listen and abide by none. Follow your heart’s calling and you will sooner or later reach the same goal you had or have planned


    You’re a genius if you succeed but a waste of time just the same if you fail. It is analogous to the two sides of a coin, any of the two may land. Here wind n fate do not describe your future. The amounts of ambition and determination you pour in to the mold of a dream define your steadfastness of purpose and zeal. STand by your thought and decision and if you fall never hesitate to try again.
    ROME WASN’T BUILT IN A DAY because it wasn’t a day’s job. Do things your way and if it takes more time that is the price of freedom alas but one too less to pay.


Nothing I say matters any more than your conviction. Have you got it in you to fail ? Are capable enough to ‘Pet the orthodox and do it your way’. Are you willing to pay the price of doing a thing your way when it would be done and over with if you did it the ‘classical’ way ? What matters is your desire to do it no matter what. YOU have to do it and you will ‘get the job done’.  Everything else is a hindrance to thought and hence to conviction.

Scrap all that you have read till now and zero down you thought on one question : Would it have been done if I did it the conventional way ? Am i made up for conventional ? 

You will get the answer to this question always not when are trying but when you have done it. So take a flashback into all that you have read and If you and I share the same wavelength you will summarize it to one statement ‘NEVER STOP TRYING’ 

Being provided enough food for thought I and as there is also nothing more to say I am left behind with just a statement and a question that I began writing with :-








‘Striving towards a better Earth’
– Kabir





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