Do you decide separate from white or do you let people decide for you ?

Once again drawing influence from my Indian background, I would like to put forward a question to the masses and to the mob .. Who and what decides what is right and what is wrong ? From what I can manage to deduce out of my ‘LOOK WHAT IS THE NEIGHBOR DOING CULTURE’ I can manage to say that where I hail from I do not believe that the mob and the masses have a similar view on what is right and what is wrong. Here, I would like to crisply separate the mob from the masses. The masses are literate, the masses are intellectual and can THINK. The mob is nothing but a flock of sheep led by a selected few. They are easy to incite and instigate and need to be carefully tended to. It is this mob that I am more worried about and would to bring to the limelight

Who decides black from white ? What is your concern when you are judging the ‘not suitable’ from suitable ? What is your first thought in mind ? Let me bring forward certain common prevalent questions one may come across in my society, rather the society I live in not MY society :-
What will my parents think about my decision ?
What will my parents think about ME ?
Will I be answerable to a third individual if I take this decision ?
What does my decision REFLECT about my character ?
Will I be SEEN as inferior if I take this decision ? 

We let our self be seen as an IMAGE we want to portray and not what WE want to ACTUALIZE ! It is a lack of self esteem along with an over-burdened emphasis of the PEOPLE or the SOCIETY. We do not stand for our own self but as a reflection of the SOCIETY. It is a drawback more and a stabilizing agent of one individual less. One can not come forward as the ‘POPEYE THE SAILORMAN’ of the society and put forward contrasting views without being the black sheep of the society, one which very few choose to accept.
 I would attribute this ‘spinelessness’ to a lack of family support, prime inclination of theirs being to the increased pressure of society and a heavy influence of ‘JOINT FAMILIES’ on individual expression. 

ONE LIVES STRANGLED BUT TO EVERYBODY’S MERRY – DOCILE. One need to worry about choosing YOUR rights from YOUR wrongs .. you shall have a multitude of individuals decide it for you. Either be an independent black sheep or a submissive cow. It is entire up to you and your genetic makeup, along with your environmental predisposition. Come on over and share your opinion, enlighten one, enlighten all. You may be right you may be wrong. Both are BOUND to benefit you in the long run.
Would you let yourself be a part of the mob or of the masses?

Striving towards a better Earth