Are these two sides of a coin or are these 2 ends of The Grand Canyon ? What is the difference between the two and how do you educate one on the the same ?
A cab driver yelling out ‘Rehne Do Behenji Haath Dukh Jayega’ ! Is that chivalry or is it pity ?
Why does Anoushka Shankar feel the need to make a public comment on National television that ‘Indian chivalry sort of objectifies women. I don’t get my respect that I need’ ?
Where do we lack in defining the narrow boundary between the two ? Or was there every a boundary ? Is the former a Shakespearean exaggeration of the latter ? Does chivalry actually exist or is it a mask to cover the pity that is rampant in a patriarchal society ? Do we still believe in opening the door of a car for our mistresses and mothers or has that become a sign of weakness on the part of the feminine sex ? Where and how do we define chivalry in its crisp sense of the term ? Is it under the weight of an Oxford dictionary or alive and kicking in the mind of every young and old citizen of the world ? Are we ready to hand her over a beer bottle first and ask her to pop the lid on her own or are we gonna let her live on the ‘Pitiful Chivalry’ of the MAN !
What is a ‘Man’ if I may ask so ? Is he nothing more an object for the mantastic ‘Old Spice’ wearing glycerin propylene and other molecular awesomeness ? Or is he still alive in the Nawabs of India lying in their graves ? Or is he robust and roaring inside every citizen of the Earth ?
Why is a country our ‘Motherland’ ? Is it out of love ? Is it ? Or is it out of pity for the other sex so ‘popularly’ termed as the ‘weaker sex’ in media, in society and somewhere deep within out hearts ? Isn’t it so ?
Too many questions-One statement : Is my woman my companion or my slave or object of pleasure ?
To me very frankly ‘She is a companion running ahead of me on the hamster wheel of life’. I am born out of her, she wasn’t born out of me. Enjoy with women, respect women, think for women and for once pray that you are for once born as a woman

Striving towards a better Earth