To Whomsoever It May Concern

Hailing from a country like India, know for its ‘Chivalrous Patriarchy’ I often think or rather ponder over the concept of a STAY-AT-HOME-DAD. With the decreasing trend of a Stay-At-Home-Son, I find it rather challenging for a common man to accept the concept of staying at home nurturing their kid maybe, painting their house maybe, mopping the floor maybe, doing the dishes maybe or rather JOBLESS maybe. This country has time and again associated staying at home men with being jobless and stay at home women as being docile or rather ‘spineless objects of utility’ rather than recognizing the importance of both walks of life in committed or ‘Happily Married’ life or as a single parent.

What I mean to ask the masses and the mob is what they think on this sensitive topic and why do they think so ? Is staying at home a spot on one’s bravado or his libido ? Can’t one equate a sage in the Himalayas with a dad staying at home for his three months old little one ? How is a fitness athlete hitting the gym for 5-6 hours a day and sleeping the rest out different than a Stay-At-Home-Dad ? Is staying at home challenging to one’s male ego ? Or is it not ? Would you stay at home for your child ? Would you as a wife allow yourself to work outside for a more handsome paycheck and let you ‘MAN’ take care of your little duke or princess ? Should he be the one to take him to karate ? Should he be giving more time to her ballet lessons ? Would you love your dad to drop you to school in the morning and take you back n cook you some pasta in the noon ? Do u prefer having your mother home or your father with you ?

I being raised with both the parents do not know the situations or the melancholy of staying with one parent or the idea of having both parents working since my own mother was into coaching classes at home since before I was born ! Would you prefer my life ? Would you prefer being alone at home in the afternoons or chilling out with your friends without any restrictions or justifications ?

Share your thoughts, your views, and your experiences with me and fellow visitors.

Striving towards a better Earth