The Married Widow



में आज दर्याह न होता
अगर उन छोटे पत्थरों ने
मेरा हौंसला न तोड़ा होता
अगर हर उस मोड़ ने मुझे फंसाया न होता
और हर उस घाटी ने मुझे गिराया न होता
और मैं यूं झुझारू न होता
अगर इम सब से बातें कर के
मैंने इन्हें मनाया न होता
और उस बात चीत में इन्होंने मुझे इतना सिखाया न होता
मैं आज दर्याह न होता
अगर उस दिन मैं रुक गया होता
वक्त ने थोड़ा वक्त लिया पर
बूंद को दर्याह तक खींच के ले ही आया।

A Random Rant

There is no poet who is not sad or vulnerable.
We poets are attention whores. We are vulnerable.
We feed off people’s positivity as well as their negativity. If you’re negative around us you’re giving us content. If you’re happy, we’re happy. But we still have content.
It is the one of the most self absorbing art forms ever. And the best part is that you can use every emotion at your disposal and still not be drained to write more!


Once there was a young girl, fresh out into the woman’s world. She had the looks of a lady bit the charm of a doll. Her presence was that of a dewy morning and her aura like the summer sunshine – warm yet accepting.

She came across a pedestrian who had the charm of a prince and the walk of a slave – masculine yet sublime. She couldn’t help but notice his calm yet assertive demeanor. For a week she silently noticed him from the corner of his eye and observed his firm step

On one fine morning she bumped into the pedestrian but couldn’t muster the courage to ask him his name. The next morning she took her sister along and with a steel resolve stopped the pedestrian, held his hand and asked: Who may you be o’ charming stranger?

There is no one there sis- The sister replied.


इधर देखो
आंखें हमारी भी फ़रेब जानती हैं
लम्हे को चुराना जानती हैं ।
वो तो बस तुम्हारी आँखों के नशे के शौकीन से हो गए हैं

नहीं तो फ़रेब तो हमारी आंखें भी जानती हैं॥


The Withered Lady

Everything big you ever wanted
Comes out of the tiny things you neglect

When you come to realise that you were neglecting

You fathom the world out of one littlw grain of sand

That smile that you were looking for outside

Pops out over those old lips
That you never cared for.

Trivialities Of The Heart

Oft the heart is helpless
In thinking into an abyss
About someone to whom you
May just be a sliver of memory
Some tiny shard of time
That may be the world to you
But just to you

Lying with another
Your mind travels back to sometime you never had
Hoping for the virtual
In your cup of happiness

Oft the heart is helpless
In committing to one it does not adore
For that he is adored
Was never his to relish
He who adores it
Never had a chance to relish it.